Windows 7/8/10 x32 x64
March 31th, 2018

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- Recommended To Stop Antivirus When Apply Crack
- The Crack NOT VIRUS, If you don't trust us ,don't download from us:-)

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How install the crack:

1) Unpack & Install the software.
2) Chose the license server for your desired platform:

- ./darwin - MacOSX ( x86, x64 )
- ./freebsd - FreeBSD ( x86, x64, arm )
- ./linux - Linux ( x86, x64, arm, arm64 )
- ./windows - Windows ( x86, x64 )

You can either run the license server on your pc,
or on a (dedicated) server. Independently of the
platform, the license server can license clients
of any platform.

3) Copy the binary of the license server to a permanent
directory, such as C:dvt-jb-lic-server or

4.1) Windows:
- Start a command prommpt as an Administrator.
- Go to the directory, where you put the license
server, using "cd".
- Install the license server:

x64: dvt-jb_licsrv.386.exe -mode install
x64: dvt-jb_licsrv.amd64.exe -mode install

This will install the license server as a
windows service. If you want to remove it
again, use "-mode uninstall".

- Open services.msc and start the service.
Alternatively, use "net start" or reboot
your pc/server.

4.2) *nix:
- Go to the directory, where you put the license

- Execute, either as root or using sudo:

dvt-jb_licsrv.[platform].[arch] -mode install

where platform is your OS and arch is your system
architecture. To uninstall, you can use -mode uninstall.
This will install (depending on your service system)
a new service.

- Start this service using your standard service

5) Start the application and point it to the license server.
If you are running the license server on the same host,
you can point it to "". Otherwise,
use the ip or hostname of your license server.

6) Enjoy!
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